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Suffocate the fire to put it out

CO2 extinguishers are filled with liquid carbon dioxide which vaporises when it is discharged. They work by suffocating the fire to put it out. They’re harmless and leave no residue. CO2 extinguishers are ideal for use in modern offices, and premises with expensive electrical equipment such as large computer servers.

Suitable for Class B fires only, they cannot be used within premises where oil, spirits, gas or any other flammable materials are present. In a similar way to the powder extinguishers, CO2 safely puts out electrical fires however, CO2 leaves much less mess and disruption.

CO2 extinguishers should never be stored next to a radiator or in direct sunlight because if they become too hot, pressure rises and they can be forced open. To discuss the most suitable types of fire extinguishers for your business or personal use, please contact us and we will get back to you at your convenience.


CO2 Extinguishers Suitability


The quality of the product is essential when you are dealing with fire safety. Every CO2 extinguisher we supply is kite marked to BS EN 1996, and has a full 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Designed and manufactured by Firepower and Gloria, these robust, long-lasting and reputable fire extinguishers are a trustworthy investment for the protection and safety of your premises.

Ensure that you are fully prepared and have the fire extinguishers you need to tackle every type of fire.