Water Extinguishers

Class A Fire? Pour on water

Popular, versatile and effective…

Water fire extinguishers are used on solids such as wood, paper, fabrics rubber, furniture and other A class fire risks. It penetrates into burning fabrics and can extinguish deep pockets of fire. Water fire extinguishers do not contain any harmful chemicals and can safely be used near food, in areas where there are children present and near vulnerable adults. Refilling water extinguishers is cheap and uncomplicated. The firefighting capacity of water is of course limited so that large water fire extinguishers are required to fight even small fires.

Water extinguishers remain one of the most popular and effective fire extinguishers, offering excellent suppression of Class A fires involving combustible materials. Combining high performance with low cost, water extinguishers are a solid investment for a wide variety of commercial and industrial properties.

Water Extinguishers Suitability

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We believe in building customer relationships that last, giving sound advice about fire extinguishers from the outset through to maintenance, service, repair and regular checks for the duration of your contract.

All water extinguishers will be installed by our experienced and fully qualified team. A full demonstration of how to use the equipment and the opportunity for further fire safety training is also available.


Make sure that you are ready for any eventuality and have the fire extinguishers you need to tackle every type of fire.