Fire Safety At Home Restaurant Leeds

One of the great things about our line of work is the client list. To say it’s interesting and varied is quite an understatement, and that’s certainly the case with one of our latest clients: Leeds restaurant Home.

Having opened just last month, Home comes with credentials. It’s a venture shared by two big names in local cuisine. If we skip the starter, then the main course is Mark Owens, the former head chef at the Michelin-starred The Box Tree in Ilkley, while the dessert is made by BBC MasterChef semi-finalist, Elizabeth Cottam.

Home found its…uhm…home at 16-17 Kirkgate in Leeds city centre last month: it’s a 3,669 sq ft venue, which in restaurantese means it has room for 65 covers. Not only that, there’s also a chef’s table, where diners with more than just an appetite can learn all about how the dishes are created.

The restaurant offers monthly set menus, from three-course lunch menus through to five and 10-course tasting menus, and underpinning everything is the aim to ‘reimagine familiar British flavours using amazing local produce’.

“This project has been an incredible journey so far,” Cottam told Insider Media. “Both Mark and I have poured our hearts and souls into the restaurant and we hope guests will enjoy sharing the experience with us and much as we have enjoyed bringing it to life.

“It means a great deal to be able to open a restaurant in your hometown and we’re looking forward to showing people a new way of experiencing fine dining, right on their doorstep.”

Rave reviews for Home

So far, the response has been, to say the least, very positive, with social media already abuzz with rave reviews:

Customer Alvin Johns wrote on Facebook ( “The reception area, assorted chairs, and tables around a dark wood bar, were inviting and relaxed; and the greeting from the restaurant manager, Daniel was warm and genuine.

“From there; things just got better and better…but what really added to the whole experience was the casual yet vibrant atmosphere. Staff were all genuinely smiley, warm and jokes were passed between courses and the bartender even made us bespoke cocktails.”

Also on Facebook, Lucie Almond wrote: “I thought “Home” was a bit weak and lame, to be honest, but now I get it. I totally get it. It DID feel like home instantly, with the warmest and most genuine team I’ve seen.”

Despite our efforts, no mention could be found of our fire extinguishers – their swish style, perhaps, or their undoubted efficacy – although, thinking about it, that is probably a good thing. But let’s leave the food crit to the Torodes and Wallaces of this world; they do their thing and we do ours.

…which is another way of saying that H.R. Fire & Safety help lots of restaurants throughout Yorkshire stay safe and compliant. And not just restaurants, of course: we help all manner of businesses, landlords and owners of non-domestic premises minimise their risk. After all, since they are ultimately responsible for fire safety in their properties, it’s them who could face legal action or fines if they fail to install the necessary fire protection equipment.

Make sure you’re protected

We can provide you with all the advice and information you need, to ensure that you have the right fire extinguisher for your requirements. That way, you have complete peace of mind – the knowledge that your property is suitably protected.

We supply and install two extinguisher models: Firepower and Gloria, which are known for their reliability and quality, and which deliver water, foam, powder, CO2 or wet chemical extinguishing agents.

All the extinguishers we supply are stored-pressure models, meaning that they remain under pressure until they are used. One advantage of using stored-pressure fire extinguishers is that because the servicing process is much less time-consuming. Compared to their cartridge-operated extinguisher counterparts, they have lower servicing costs. Moreover, all new extinguishers have a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty provided they are serviced by us.

So…with Home up, running – and already a big success by the sounds of it – we’d be delighted to hear from other local restaurants. Whether it’s advice on extinguishers you need, or on something more involving such as a Fire Risk Assessment, then contact us today. Meantime, bon appetit…or tuck in!

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