Maggie’s Yorkshire

We provide an attentive service that reflects the values and ethos of the centre.

Maggie’s Yorkshire is a charity based in the grounds of St James’ Hospital, Leeds that provides free cancer support and information, with similar centres across the UK and online.  The first Maggie’s Centre opened in Edinburgh in 1996, driven by the need for providing somewhere ‘better’ for people with cancer to go, nearby but separate to the hospital. Today there are almost 30 centres across the UK providing the very best support, psychological and benefits advice.  Maggie’s offers the best possible support free to anyone with cancer. These strategically placed centres are always close to NHS Hospitals and are always welcoming and friendly.  Maggie’s offers a wonderful service and continues to grow its network of centres.

HR Fire have worked closely with the Maggie’s Yorkshire since 2021 and provides the centre with annual Fire Extinguisher services. HR Fire work closely with Maggie’s to provide an attentive service that reflects the values and ethos of the centre.  Maggie’s support is unwavering and HR Fire & Safety provides a thorough fire safety service and oversees all the work carried out, offering advice and help if necessary.

Darren Webster the Managing Director at HR Fire added “We value our relationship with Maggie’s and we do our best to provide this invaluable charity with the very best care and customer advice.  We look forward to working closely with Maggie’s in the years to come”.

Maggie’s Yorkshire

“Absolutely beautiful experience at the Maggie’s centre would highly recommend, so friendly and relaxing, lovely staff just make you feel at ease amazing staff      xxxx”

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