Service & Maintenance

A range of solutions for servicing, repairing and maintaining your fire safety equipment.

Trust HR Fire to Service & Maintain
your Fire Protection Installations

HR Fire & Safety supplies only the best equipment and components to ensure your premises, staff and customers are fully protected from the devastating effects of fire. However, it is just as important that your fire protection systems remain in good working order to ensure they function properly in an emergency. In fact, servicing and maintenance of your fire alarm system at least every two years is a legal requirement

With over 45 years’ experience in the fire protection industry, you can trust HR Fire to service and maintain of your fire extinguishers, alarm system and other fire protection installations. We offer excellent workmanship, expert advice and after sales care that is second to none.

WhY Choose
HR Fire?


When we take care of your fire protection requirements, you can be sure that your fire alarm system, extinguishers and other hardware are kept in optimum condition. Of course, we trust that they will never be needed – but if they are, then you have full peace of mind knowing they will operate correctly.


Regular servicing also maximises the life of equipment and components, hence resulting in reduced system downtime. At the same time, you will save time and money by avoiding emergency call-outs and non-contracted hourly rates.



All commercial and industrial premises must have a robust fire protection policy in place. These should comply with current British Standards, fire legislation and your individual company insurance specifications.


Services to Suit You

We recognise that all our customers have differing requirements, so we offer a range of solutions. You can contact us when you need your equipment servicing, repairing or checking. Alternatively, you can take out one of our flexible Maintenance Contracts.

The HR Fire Maintenance Contract

Many fire safety companies try to tie their clients into long term contracts and contain all manner of red tape and small print. Ours is simple; a fixed price contract, renewable annually with no penalties for cancellation at the end of the term. A contract like this enables you to budget for the year with confidence, knowing there will be no price increases or nasty surprises.

Other benefits of choosing HR Fire service…

  • All repair, maintenance and service by our fully qualified engineers
  • Maintenance contacts for fire alarms, extinguishers and emergency lighting
  • 12 months warranty on parts and labour
  • Maintenance contacts for fire alarms, extinguishers and emergency lighting
  • Scheduled maintenance to suit you and avoid undue disruption
  • Minimise the risk of false alarms and disruption to your business

The Complete Fire Safety Service

HR Fire recognises the importance of ensuring total safety in the workplace. We never take short cuts or compromise on fire safety – just expert workmanship at a reasonable price.

We don’t believe in the hard sell, or providing customers with expensive equipment which does not match their needs. With us you receive free, impartial advice, regardless of what your requirements are. And you can be sure that we will only recommend exactly what you need.

Please contact us for further information and advice on service options.