Staff Fire Training

Staff Fire Training

If you consider that HR Fire & Safety now has a four-decade-long reputation to uphold, one built on offering the best possible advice, service and training, then, so far as we’re concerned, there’s a double emphasis on the latter. The trainers must be trained properly.

That’s not only because we want to continue offering the best service, but also because we have to stay compliant with standards. Take fire extinguishers, for example. There are five basic types – water, foam, powder, CO2 and wet chemical – and experience is necessary when offering the right advice: there are different types of fire and some ways of extinguishing them are more effective than others. The training we undertake can help us help you make the right choice, and also offer the best possible follow-up servicing.

To that end, we regularly send staff on an extinguisher technicians’ course: BS5306 states that engineers have to be qualified to carry out the service of fire extinguishers. It’s a three-day course that has to be refreshed every three years (on a one-day course) and is run by the British Fire Consortium, of which we are proud members.

It’s the sort of commitment that, we believe, sets us apart from the competition.

According to their website, ‘the primary aims of the BFC are to maintain a high-quality technical standard of our members and to actively encourage all our members to obtain third-party accreditation to ISO 9001 or equivalent approval bodies recognised by the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA).

‘The BFC provide technical advice and approved training for members and holds regular meetings, enabling the opportunities for members to exchange ideas, discuss issues and trends facing our industry today.’

We are required to be fully compliant with such courses in order to be accepted as part of the BFC. And since our expertise stretches beyond extinguishers, it’s a requirement we fulfill in other areas too.

For example, we supply, install and repair a wide range of commercial fire alarm systems and our training can help us help you build a bespoke system. And, again, making the right choice is only part of the equation: regular maintenance is recommended. H.R. Fire & Safety’s team of engineers do just that, providing service cover to BS5839 standards and offering holistic advice to our customers – as well as a free site assessment, which includes a full system audit as well as fire safety recommendations.

It stands to reason that a company offering a service such as fire safety training must undergo training itself. Of course, the knowledge we impart is hugely important: an employer is legally required to provide fire safety training to its employees, raising awareness of fire risks in the workplace and making sure employees know exactly what to do should a fire ever break out.

And much the same is true so far as fire risk assessments are concerned. Under the auspices of the Fire Service, we undertake tests and checks in order to meet a minimum standard, while also making suggestions that might improve safety.

FRAs have been a legal requirement since 2006 and are the foundation for fire safety in almost all non-domestic premises.

At HR Fire & Safety, we offer a thorough, expert service. Yet we can only do that because me make sure our team are fully trained and qualified. What if that wasn’t the case? Using a fire risk assessment as a case in point, an inexperienced assessor might put the right measures in place, but at too high a cost. Then again, they might be too cautious and not fully understand the risks. More worrying still, they might miss something entirely.

As we mentioned earlier, HR Fire & Safety have been in business now for upwards of 40 years – a breadth and depth of experience that is hard to rival – and crucial to such longevity is reputation. How does one build such a reputation in the long-term? By offering the best possible advice, service and training. That’s only possible because we invest in our staff.

So take your first step towards a higher standard of fire safety by using the safest, best-trained, people in the business. To find out more call us on 0113 208 9960.

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