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‘Out with the old in with the new’: a new year arrives and with it the hope to get fitter, stop smoking and quit drinking, or perhaps pursue some new aim in life – a career, an education, a hobby – with vigour. Of course, we all know what follows: that the vigour cannot be sustained for more than a few weeks, and most of us are lucky if we last until Valentines’ Day before slipping back into our old habits.

Attempts to break the cycle of sloth have, like lots of things, coalesced around social media in more recent times. #DryJanuary, #Veganuary and the like slip into the wider consciousness, although long-term outcomes remain pretty much the same. All credit to those who make it – whatever it is – stick, but in the main willpower is lacking. So far as the food and fitness fads are concerned, it’s as much a reaction to December’s excesses as anything.

While that might be seen as a shame, it’s also understandable because it’s human. The urge to be disciplined tends to be stronger when more is at stake, so people with health concerns are much more likely to stick to their new regime than someone who had one hangover too many during the festive period.

Which leads us to our little area of the World Wide Web and social media outreach: that if what we’re talking about here is the risk of fire in commercial properties and employee safety, then clearly there is rather more at stake than one’s weight or the desire to do more pilates. It’s a point that really doesn’t need to be stressed – no more than the bulging belt used to hold one’s trousers up anyway. So, then…how about setting up a fire safety health plan?

For one thing, there’s always the need to remember that fire safety in your workplace or commercial property is a legal requirement. You could face large fines, or further legal action if you fail to provide adequate fire protection equipment and training. Clearly, there is plenty at stake – but as they say, no pain, no gain. And we can make the process as painless as possible, the gain coming with the knowledge that the risk of fire at your premises has been minimised. Not only that, there is also the realisation of just how quick and cost-effective a fire safety health check can be.

The services we offer split roughly into four categories: fire extinguishers; fire protection; fire risk assessment; and fire safety training:

Regarding fire extinguishers , we supply and install Firepower and Gloria extinguishers, which are known for their reliability and quality. There are five types – water, foam, powder, CO2 and wet chemical – and all new extinguishers have a 12 monthmanufacturer’s warranty provided they are serviced by us in accordance with BS 5306. We also offer on-site maintenance.

For fire protection , meanwhile, we will work with you to develop both a system and procedures that will alert you to the presence of fire, and also direct anybody who is inside the building to where they need to go with the minimum of fuss and maximum haste.

Our fire risk assessment enables you to identify potential fire hazards and receive sound advice on how best to tackle them.

Finally, our fire safety training offers extinguisher and marshal training, plus theory and practical measures (such as the identification of fire exits, alarm call points and other important safety features in your building) so everyone is prepared should an emergency occur.

Throw in the supply, installation, repair, and maintenance of safety equipment such as alarms, blankets hose reels, and safety signs, not to mention expert advice on all aspects of fire safety, and our comprehensive service will keep both you and your property protected for the long-term.

Moreover, we offer 24-hour emergency callouts, a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, and free surveys. And underpinning everything is the sort of personal service you might expect from an independent, family-run company. We are proud members of the British Fire Consortium (BFC) and so our products and services meet the high technical standards.

Fire never gives you a second chance, so it is vital to get it right first time. The damage and devastation caused by fire could cost you money, your business or even your life. It really is not worth the risk, so why take it? H.R. Fire & Safety Ltd provide a service tailored to your needs, quickly and cost-effectively. The stakes might be high, but we ensure peace of mind. There are some resolutions that are, relatively speaking, easy to keep. So make the right decision for your business and take your first step towards a higher standard of fire safety. To find out more call 0113 208 9960.

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